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Rebound & Rant: Downer Edition

The K-Train discusses players with declining fantasy values due to recent off-season moves.

Rebound & Rant: Belize Edition

The K-Train is doing his best to live up to expectations from Friday's podcast. Plus, some hoops insights, including Blake's issues in Detroit.

Rebound & Rant: The Love Edition

On Valentine's Day, the K-Train shares his NBA man crushes with the world, including The Viper, Victor Oladipo.

Rebound & Rant: Victory Edition

Did someone say "award winning podcast"? You're damn right they did! Oh, also, grab Beasley ASAP.

Rebound & Rant: Angry Edition

Things are getting chippy in the NBA and K-Train takes notice. Those Rockets seem more like lovers, not fighters.

Rebound & Rant: Assists Edition

K-Train focuses on assists for this edition of the R&R.

Rebound & Rant: The Quiet Edition

Old Man K-Train gets grumpy about the Spurs, Donovan Mitchell and a certain attention seeking NBA Dad.

Rebound & Rant: The Pace of Play Edition

The Nets, Lakers and Suns lead the NBA in Pace of Play. The K-Train dives into their depth charts, hunting for gems.

Rebound & Rant: Way Too Early Observations

The K-Train over-reacts to early season returns from Reggie Jackson, Victor Oladipo, Enes Kanter and others.

Rebound & Rant: Uncle Drew IT Edition

K-Train, a shameless Celtics fan who once lived in Cleveland, gives his emotional thoughts on the big trade.

Rebound & Rant: Crazy Off-Season Edition

The K-Train loves crazy off-season storylines. He also likes making whacky tobaccy references.

Rebound & Rant: New T-Wolves Logo

Why oh why did the T-Wolves do this?

Rebound & Rant: The Next Year Edition

While the regular season winds down, K-Train stresses some insights to remember for next season.

Rebound & Rant: The Emotions Edition

After going into win-now mode in the RotoWire Staff Keeper League, Ken Crites looks back at a few moves that will likely cost him a championship this season.

Rebound & Rant: Honesty Edition

Trade LeBron James? RotoWire's Ken Crites dives into the biggest reason why fantasy owners should be looking to trade the King.

Rebound & Rant: Point Guard Edition

With Chris Paul possibly out until the fantasy playoffs, Ken Crites breaks down a few options who may be able to help fill the void.

Rebound & Rant: Trade Rumor Edition

Ken Crites puts the spotlight on a few players who may be worth targeting before a move at the trade deadline alters their fantasy fortunes.

Rebound & Rant: Crazy Old Man Edition

Old man Crites goes on an even older man rant. Again.

Rebound & Rant: Dumpster Fire Edition

While they may not be winning, the Nets, 76ers, Suns and Mavs all have fantasy-relevant players, including Harrison Barnes down in Dallas.

Rebound & Rant: Yunzer Edition

The K-Train is stationed in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. Yunz try to enjoy his hoops advice n'at.

Rebound & Rant: Panic Time!?!

Ken Crites is on the verge of panic mode with top-priced players like Klay Thompson who look like early season busts. Which players should we throw off the K-Train?

Rebound & Rant: Opening Night Overreactions

The NBA is back! Let's frantically overreact to three games from opening night!

Rebound & Rant: Real Playoffs Edition

RotoWire's Ken Crites breaks down the remaining matchups in the playoffs and wonders if the officials in the Spurs-Thunder game could have been any worse. Shoot, Manu!

Rebound & Rant: Playoff Moves

RotoWire's Ken Crites breaks down a few late-season waiver targets and explains why side bets make fantasy more fun this time of year. Meat Trophy!

Rebound & Rant: Super 70's Edition

RotoWire's Ken Crites interviews @Super70sSports' Ricky Cobb to discuss their favorite 1970s NBA players and discuss which current stars could have succeeded back then.

Rebound & Rant: Studs to Duds?

RotoWire's Ken Crites looks at a few players who have outperformed preseason expectations and examines whether they'll keep it going through the rest of the season.

Rebound & Rant: Duds to Studs

RotoWire's Ken Crites puts the focus on players who were expected to be studs this year but have failed to produce in the first half of the season.

Rebound & Rant: All-In Keeper League Edition

Ken Crites explains why he's going ALL IN with his Keeper league team.

Rebound & Rant: Will Barton Edition

Ken Crites leads the RotoWire Staff Keeper league thanks to big contributions from Will Barton, who has become a solid fantasy contributor in Denver.

Rebound & Rant: Ha Ha Edition, 2015

RotoWire's Ken Crites is back with a little levity and some advice for Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant (hint: he should have retired two years ago).

Rebound & Rant: Watch List Players

Ken Crites returns with a number of players he's keeping an eye one, including Clint Capela, who could be heading for more playing time under interim head coach J.B. Bickerstaff.

Rebound & Rant: Snarky Criticism Edition

Ken Crites analyzes (and maybe blasts) some offseason moves that have already hurt certain teams in the short-term, and possibly even longer, including the Mavericks' signing of Deron Williams.

Rebound & Rant: Preseason Sleepers

Ken Crites' first column of the 2015-16 season focuses on a few sleepers who could be big difference-makers in fantasy leagues this season.

Rebound & Rant: First Round Draft Journal

The Rebound & Rant is back for a mid-summer dip in the pool of new NBA rookies as Ken Crites offers his thoughts on ESPN's draft coverage as it happened.

Rebound & Rant: Real Playoffs Edition

Ken Crites is back with his playoff predictions, including his 2014-15 NBA Champion pick.

Rebound & Rant: Playoff Desperation Edition

Ken Crites returns to let off a little injury-related steam and give his best desperation pickups for the fantasy playoffs.

Rebound & Rant: Not All-Stars West Edition

Ken Crites is back with his Not All-Stars who could be good fantasy contributors from the Western conference, plus a great free medical referral.

Rebound & Rant: Not All-Stars East Edition

Who are the Not All-Stars in the East who could end up playing more like All-Stars for fantasy teams during the second half of the season?

Rebound & Rant: Manute Bol Edition

Did we miss the boat on selling high on Draymond Green? Who's the next Robert Covington? These and more fantastic answers within!

Rebound & Rant: Post-Holiday Edition

FSWA Humor Article of the Year finalist Ken Crites is back in action after some holiday rest to help everyone get caught up on NBA action.

Rebound & Rant: The Ha Ha Edition

Because we like having reasons to celebrate, the Rebound & Rant is creating a new yearly tradition with Ken Crites' first annual Ha Ha Edition.

Rebound & Rant: Sell High?

The Rebound & Rant is back to breakdown some of the high-performing players who you might be trying to decide whether or not to sell high on.

Rebound & Rant: Early-Season Turkeys

Ken Crites wrote a wonderful Thinksgiving themed Rebound & Rant to break down the early-season turkeys of the 2014-15 season.